As you all (probably) already know the season finale of Parenthood was last week! We don't know if there will be a season 5 yet or not.. but according to the cast things are looking good, besides the show has gotten some reallty good ratings this season, so let's hold our thumbs and hope for the best! 

Also just because the season is over this website will not be inactive, we will keep updating you on stuff concerning the show and the actors of the show so stay tuned. 
I know I haven't been updating for a few weeks, but I've had some personal (family) stuff to deal with but now I will be back as usual! 

Stay tuned! 
  Also the last episode of the season was AMAZING in my eyes, it made me cry, and be so happy all at the same time, such a great way to end the season!! 
Here's a few things that's been going on during the week ( the past weeks) incase you've missed them! Make sure to catch up now!! 

First Skyler Day ( Amy) posted a few pictures from when she was on set ! 
Then it was time for the Golden Globes!  Where Dax Shephard and Kristen Bell attended! Mae Whitman attended too aswell as Monica Potter who made a little speech ( there used to be a video but it was erased by youtube). 
Then the "Lauren Graham is on twitter freak out" broke out! Erika Christensen claimed it was Fake... but Jason Ritter claimed it was real... we're still waiting on the update. HOWEVER if you haven't heard Lauren said she is planning on getting a twitter because her book is coming out! And since it's due in April we may not have to wait that long! And speaking of Lauren a picture of her BOOK was tweeted! Take a look below! Like it? 
And at last catch up on all the scoop right in time for next week!! 

Video (the 3 video in the list!) :  Talk Stoop video with Cat Greenleaf on the set of Parenthood (about parenting)
And also some scoop interviews with Jason Katims , Erika Christensen and Sam Jaeger!
Also Parenthood made the 1st place of ET's list over the 12 best shows!!!! 

Happy Weekend!!!! 
The last episode had some really great scenes but one that I really loved was this one! When Crosby comforts Julia about adopting Victor! Who would have thought that the once child - insecure Crosby would have come this far? such a great scene!
So Which were YOUR favorite scene? 
Jasmine and Crosby receive exciting news as they plan an anniversary escapade. Adam and Kristina get ready for the next phase of her treatment. Elsewhere, Drew gets feedback on his college applications while Amber and Ryan talk about the future of their relationship. Meanwhile Joel and Julia plan an event for the entire Braverman family and Sarah has to make a choice between Mark and Hank.
And the pictures for the next episode has been added to the gallery! Click on the picture to the left to see them all!

Mark and Sarah sit and talk about their relationship which worries Hank. Joel and Julia discuss the long-terms effects of Victor's adoption. Meanwhile, Crosby and Jasmine become frustrated when Renee oversteps her boundaries.
Also I added promo photo's for the episode to the gallery! Click on the picture below to see them all!
WHOOOO Tuesday today!! that means another great, intense, sad and amazing  episode!!! Get ready for tonight (don't forget the kleenex and someone to hug), with these two sneak peeks!!! 
Just ouch Victor, double ouch! Well as much as I feel bad for Julia, this show just shows once again HOW REAL it is!! I know people who have adopted older kids and it's notalways  a walk in the park! Love that they are making the storyline so real! 

And in case you've missed it here is the really sad promo!
And yeah.. we all smelled Amy getting pregnant a LOOOONG time ago.. can't wait to see what happens! And what Sarah says to Drew and just can't wait for the whole episode!!!!
Tonight the thing we have all been waiting for is finally happening!!!! Parenthood returns!!! Get ready for the episode tonight with these two sneak peeks from NBC!!! :D 
Victor just OUCH! I'm so excited I can't wait!!!! and I bet you're all excited too!!!
So first I just want to say that I'm sorry that I haven't been updating in a while! I've been Busy during the holidays and been in germany! I hope you all stay with me cause everything Will be back to normal now- if not even better!!!

So today it's december 31st which means that Parenthood returns tomorrow!!!! YAAAAAAY!!!
sadly though parenthood does NOT air in Canada today since it's new years eve! The episode Will air in Canada On january 4th On global!!!

Also if you're from America do NOT miss the parenthood cast WHO appears On carlson daly 10 - 11 pm (ET) and 11.30pm - 12.30 am (ET)
Have a great day and a happy new year!!!
So last night's episode was the last one for THIS YEAR, Parenthood will be back on January 1st 2013 (originally January 8, woooo cheer everyone). Anyway what did you all think about the episode? 
Personally I thought it was very beautiful and Kristina's video made me bawl like a baby!! And the Christmas scenes in the Braverman house were just like my family on Christmas :P So what were your thoughts on this episode? 
Picture from NBCParenthood.
Parenthood just Facebooked that Joy Bryant received a nomination NAACP Image Awards!!! 
The NAACP Image Awards is the nation's premier event celebrating exemplary works by, for, and relevant to people of color and individuals or groups who promote diversity in the arts (motion picture, television, recording, and literature)

The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is the oldest, largest and strongest national civil rights organization in the United States. Its principal objective is to ensure the political, educational social and economic equality of all citizens in this country. 

The NAACP is committed to achieve equality of rights and eliminate race prejudice among the citizens of the United States; to remove all barriers of racial discrimination through the democratic process; to seek the enactment and enforcement of federal, state and local laws securing civil rights; to so inform the public, to educate persons about their constitutional rights and take all lawful action in the furtherance of these objectives. It has followed this course for 100 years, despite times of overt and violent racial hostility.